What You Should Look Out For When You Play Online Slots

Things you should keep in mind when playing these online real money slots

The online casino industry is showing no stop in the economy everywhere. Only showing an up rise on the contribution to the world’s economy, slot machines are one of the biggest contributor to the online casino industry. It is understood that at certain countries, slots have contributed up to 89 percent to the annual gaming revenue.

Most casinos constitute at least 70% or over 70% slots machines and this is a clear indication of their popularity. Not limited to only landed casinos, most of the online casino focuses on slots as well. Online casinos nowadays have at least 600 different slots on their site to attract players.

Slots are mostly preferred compared to other casino games because it’s not required for players to have any special skill set to play it. No complex skills are needed to play a game of slot as the outcome of slot machine as some say luck, is purely random in actual. Other than that, slots in general has a higher payout ratio compared to other casino games. Slots are known to routinely payout 1000x of the line bet. Some slots even pay up to 10000x the bet amount which makes it irresistible to players.

Slots are also known to come in many different themes. Some of the most popular themes are fantasy, sports, food, mystery and adventurous. With colorful and amazing graphics, together with great audio visual effects, slots are made so players can have immersive experience.

The upcoming online slots have all evolved due to upcoming technologies and also due to the success of the online casino industry in the world. Many game providers nowadays are creating 3D slots for players. Virtual reality(VR) slots are also a new trend among online casinos.

Site Validity

It is very important to look out for some aspects while choosing a site for players to play slots. One of the most important thing players should looks out for while choosing a site for online real money slots is the licensing and regulations.

It is important to know the licence of the site you are interested to register in. Therefore, players have to take some time to investigate the type of licence the site have and also the country it is from. Then using that information, players can easily do a double check to read about the licence and find of the legitimacy of the licence. This is very essential because players will need to trust this site with their money and sensitive information.

The promotions offered in the site is another important factor that should be taken into consideration. Many online casinos offer great promotions upon registrations but fails to provide players with more promotion after that. Therefore, it is very important to find out about the promotions offered in the site. Also make sure to check the terms and conditions that’s connected to the promotions offered in the site as a lot of the online casino sites sets many rules for players to follow to use their free spins of bonus claims.

Maximum payout and minimum payout from sites is another important factor. Many online casinos set a certain limit to the maximum payouts and minimum payouts that players can cash out. For many people, this might not be a problem but for some people, this could be an important factor factors that could influence their decision on whether to register or no register in these particular sites. There are many sites out there that doesn’t set any limits on payouts.

Device compatibility is another immensely important factor that should be taken into consideration while picking the right site. Depending on the type of device players plan to use, it is important to make sure that your desired site is compatible with your phone and desktop devices.

Return to player (RTP)

Many new players think that the only thing that one should look at while picking a slot to play is the theme of the slot as many people thinks that all the slots are the same only with different graphics. This is a very wrong perception that one should throw away.

To improve winning chances, it is very important to choose slots with the highest payouts. Therefore, players need to be able to choose slots that has higher payouts more compared to the other slots.

One of the main thing that players needs to take into account while looking for slots with higher payouts is the high return to player (RTP). Return to player (RTP) is when players are paid back with all the wagered money of other players.

Return to player doesn’t indicate the amount of money players would get back. It merely means the percentage of payout to the players of all the wagered amount. RTP and chances to hit the bonus is not connected at all. Therefore, even if the RTP of a particular slot is high, players don’t need to worry about the chances of them to hit a bonus or a jackpot.

Players are able to look for the RTP of most of the slots online. Other than that, many casinos publish the RTP’s of the slots of the site or even if it’s not published in the online casino site, the RTP would most probably be published in the websites blogs.

Got the RTP but still confused about how to pick a slot based on it?

Choosing slots based on RTP’s are relatively easy for players to follow. Return to player(RTP) is calculated on a scale from 1 to 100 and most of the slots usually have a RTP in between 92 – 97 percent.

To be safe, it is essential for players to choose online slots with a RTP of at least 96 percent and above. Following this step is one of the best strategy you could stick to every time you play slot games. This is because high RTP means high payback percentage.

Slot Volatility

Volatility is another significant thing that most casino players miss out while picking a good slot to play. Many players don’t even know what is volatility and how it affects slots and its payouts. Many gabling blogs and news refers to game volatility to game “variances”. “Variance” could be considered as “risk level”.

By learning about the volatility, players are learning about the risks involved playing in that particular slot with real money. Volatility determines how you win at slot games. There are two category of volatility that players should know.

The first one is a low volatility slots. In low volatility slots, players have odds on winning is higher than off the high volatility slots. In this kind of slots, it is easier to strike a winning combination when players spin the reels. Despite all this, low volatility slots usually offer only small winnings.

Their combinations are not meant for big winnings. High volatility slots is the next category. In this kind of slots, the odds of winning or striking a winning combination are rarer but pays way more than the low volatility slots.

Players need to have good bankroll, slot playing tips and great strategies to have a higher winning chances in this kind of slots. In the end, it is all up to your choice on the type of slot you would want to play as different people has different kind of taste in slots.

Players who wants to play a high volatility slot needs to keep in mind that they have to be very patient and have enough money and time to invest to playing slots. Therefore, new players are advised to play low volatility slots compared to high volatility slots.

Common Questions & Answers

Are slot machines rigged?

Believe it or not, it is actually very difficult to tamper with slot machines. Slot machines in the casino as well as the online casinos are not rigged. All these slot machines contain random number generator(RNG), which is usually subjected to habitual audits by stateowned gambling authorities. Therefore, when you are playing online real money slots, the only thing you have to be worried for is unauthorised casinos. Other than that, players can believe that legal casinos don’t rig their games.

What is a progressive jackpot slots?

Progressive jackpot slots is when the slots accumulate a certain value of amount from all the money that players play with. This money would go to a progressive account. The progressive jackpot could involve either only one slot from the casino or from multiple slots from the same casino. All these would only mean a huge big jackpot for players.

Are there any differences between a class II and III slot?

Slots that are connected to a single serve are classified as a class II slots. This kind of slots determines the outcomes in the same way as a games of bingo. There is only one winner from slots similar to this. Players will be against each other to achieve a winning outcome. As for class III slots, it is the slots that players are most likely to come across in casinos. These slots are also called the “Vegas slots”. Class III slots has RNG which randomly generators numbers that would determine the payouts to players. Contradictory to class II, in class III slots, players only opponent is the game machine.

Do professional casino players avoid slots?

It is known that professionals do try to avoid slot games. This is because, most pros tend to play more challenging games where strategies and skills matters. This is because, slots are known to be very unpredictable even to professionals as skills doesn’t matter in slots. Other than that, most professionals depend on their casino wins to make living. Therefore, professionals would rather spend their time playing casino games that professionals can be control of.

When starting something, there are always questions that everyone would look answers for. These are just some of the few questions that slots players would potentially have. While it is usually not easy to predict the questions that players might have regarding slots, the information provided in this articles are the important information that all slot players must know.